Dieter Roth - Worktables

"The genesis of these works dates from the 1980s, when Roth decided to place gray cardboard mats on the worktables in the studios of his various homes and apartments.

He initially used them as writing mats, covering them with doodles, sketches, and all the ‘traces of domestic activities,’ as he put it.

The mats eventually became the foundation for all manner of collages and assemblages, a progression through time with continually shifting arrangements of objects and drawings, their seemingly anarchic placement achieving a certain ‘symmetrical ornamentation.’”

Recently The Gordon Parks Foundation discovered over 70 unpublished photographs by Parks at the bottom of an old storage box wrapped in paper and marked as “Segregation Series.” These never before series of images not only give us a glimpse into the everyday life of African Americans during the 50′s but are also in full color, something that is uncommon for photographs from that era.

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"She instilled in me that you don’t have to apologise for being a woman. There’s no apology in my femininity."

Lupita Nyong’o in Dazed & Confused magazine, talking about what she learned from her mother. (via dracocos)

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Racism is not dead. It’s not. And that’s why this film is so important. To understand American society today, it starts with these kinds of stories, and the fact that they haven’t been dealt with yet. There’s work to be done. There are apologies that need to be sought and apologies that need to be offered. And that’s on a political level and a social level and an individual level and a communal level

                     -Lupita Nyong’o


The Beauty of Scientific Diagrams is a typography set by Khyati Trehan that “integrates the [first] initial of scientists with the diagrams they were responsible for”.  


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“My God is rock’n’roll.” — Lou Reed